Allegation Support

Depressed manAllegation Support

  • Are you feeling alone, frightened, and confused due to an allegation of abuse from within your foster home?
  • Are you wondering how to deal with the stress?
  • Are you worried that your own child will be taken from you?
  • Are you feeling like a criminal and wondering if people are thinking you are a bad parent?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, AFFM may have some supports that will help you.


AFFM provides an Allegation Support Team.  Nearly every foster parent will experience an allegation at least once during their foster parenting career.  Allegation Support Team members are trained to offer non-judgmental listening, a place to vent, and an explanation of the DHHS investigation process.  Team members can also help when preparing to meet with DHHS staff.  The Allegation Support Team maintains confidentiality consistent with Maine Law.

What the Allegation Support Team Offers

  • Non-judgmental listening
  • A place for you to vent.
  • An explanation for the DHHS investigation process.
  • Help to assess what is abuse and what is a licensing violation.
  • Information on the length of the investigating process.
  • Help in understanding the DHHS chain of command.
  • Help in preparing to meet with DHHS staff.
  • Help in assessing if legal counsel is warranted.
  • Encouragement to advocate for yourself.
  • AFFM’s commitment to maintain confidentiality according to Maine Law.

Call the Allegation Support Team…

If you need to speak with a a staff member of AFFM, please call us at 1-800-833-9786