Mentor Service

Mentor Service

What is the Mentor Service?

Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine has formalized its Mentor Service. The Resource Mentor Service is a support to help new Resource Families get accustomed to their new role. New foster and Kinship families receive direct support, encouragement, and guidance from their more experienced peers.

What is the role of the Mentor?

The Resource Parent Mentor is there to support, encourage, and inform new and current resource families of how to partner effectively with DHHS, inform the family of resources and community linkages that will strengthen and preserve the family, promote the importance of continuing education, and provide the direct link to AFFM.

What will this training do for me?

The training focuses on the understanding of DHHS policy and practices, the court process, and the teaching of specific mentoring skills.  There is also an emphasis on helping new families understand their role in the reunification process and the importance of maintaining family connections for the children in their care.

Who should attend?

Family Foster parents, Treatment Foster Parents, Licensed Kinship providers, and currently licensed Adoptive Families are all encouraged to attend.

If you have 30 minutes per month to support a new family through phone or email communication, please consider becoming a mentor. New Resource Families could benefit from your knowledge and skills.

What if I am not interested in being a mentor right now?

All resource families are encouraged to attend.  The training can also benefit you by providing a refresher training on current DHHS policy and practices, court process, and ways to enhance your skill in supporting the reunification process and maintaining kinship connections.

View or Download the Mentor Brochure for More Information

AFFM Mentor Brochure